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Hazardous Waste Skip Hire in Bedfordshire

Skip hire for hazardous waste disposal and removal services

Hazardous waste are types of waste that could potentially be harmful to either the environment or to human health. As well as general mixed waste skip hire and skip hire for recyclable waste, Just Skips offer skip hire and waste disposal solutions for hazardous waste. It is illegal to dispose hazardous waste within general waste skips, as hazardous waste requires special treatment before it is recycled or disposed.

What happens if I dispose hazardous waste
in a general waste skip?

If you throw away hazardous wastes into a general skip without notifying us prior to hiring a skip, Just Skips reserve the right to perform any of the following: -

  • Remove offending items of waste from the skip, and leave them on your premises for alternative disposal means,
  • Refuse to take the skip (which can incur a waste journey fee),
  • Charge an additional handling/disposal fee if hazardous waste is found when the skip is emptied at our depot.

As the waste producer, it is legally your responsibility to ensure that hazardous waste is not disposed into your general waste skip. However, Just Skips can provide additional services for hazardous waste disposal anywhere in Bedfordshire. Contact our hazardous waste team on 0800 804 8410 for solutions for your Bedfordshire hazardous waste disposal needs.

Common Types of Hazardous Waste

Listed below are common streams of hazardous waste that Just Skips Skip Hire have disposed in the past.

  • Plaster Board Disposal,
  • Asbestos Disposal,
  • Fridge / Freezer Disposal,
  • Electrical Appliances (WEEE) Disposal,
  • Tyre Disposal,
  • Fluorescent Light Tube Disposal,
  • Battery Disposal,
  • Paint Disposal,
  • Solvent Disposal,
  • Aerosol Disposal,
  • Gas Cannister Disposal,
  • Liquid Disposal,
  • Oil and Fuel Disposal.

For a competitive quote on hazardous waste disposal in Bedfordshire, contact the Hazardous Waste team at Just Skips Skip Hire, on 0800 804 8410 today.


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